Suspected COVID-19 Patient from Kingdom City Returns Negative

This afternoon, the suspected patient for COVID-19 from Kingdom City was tested negative for the disease. We are greatly thankful as this lowers our COVID-19 suspected cases count to 2. We will soon test the other 2 people remaining that are not state affiliated. We hope we will go through this pandemic nice and easy,Continue reading “Suspected COVID-19 Patient from Kingdom City Returns Negative”

Results Announced for the Gapla National Music Competition

On 24 April 2020, the Gapla National Music Competition came to an end. We are glad to see that we finally have the results. The results were announced on the date of ending (24 April 2020) on Discord, but now we will announce it to the public. Let us start with the Division Awards. InContinue reading “Results Announced for the Gapla National Music Competition”

The Constitution Revision

Yesterday, April 21, 2020, we have had the Constitution Revision for the 9th Version. After a vote by the Parliament of Gapla, the assets included in the new revision were finalized. The constitution (new one) is updated and available on the Constitution of Gapla MicroWiki page and the Gapla Government website ( We hope youContinue reading “The Constitution Revision”

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