BREAKING: Xadia Given Up to Mr. Murzello

The State of Xadia, the current era holder, was given up by Mr. Meruga to Mr. Murzello today, as he sees himself in a much more powerful and on-the-ballot position. This change was immediate. This is breaking news from GNNN. We do not know what the future holds. So far, Elemental and Emeralkia have createdContinue reading “BREAKING: Xadia Given Up to Mr. Murzello”

Gapla Changes COVID-19 Regulations

Upon the Meeting of the Association of Ministries, the Federated States of Gapla does not reccomend travel to countries totaling over 10,000 (updated from 5,000) cases of COVID-19. The countries not recommended for travel are on the map below, in red. These countries are: United States of America Italy Spain Germany People’s Republic of ChinaContinue reading “Gapla Changes COVID-19 Regulations”

Official Statement from Gapla about COVID-19

Great Gapla City – COVID-19 (also known as the Novel Coronavirus, Coronavirus, 2019 NCoV, or NCoV) is a disease that was first discovered in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China. THE FEDERATED STATES OF GAPLA NOW DOES NOT RECOMMEND UNNECESSARY TRAVEL TO THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: (countries with over 5,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19) People’s Republic ofContinue reading “Official Statement from Gapla about COVID-19”

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