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Court Decision Made on the Heated Carmen Town Debate

Carmen Town, Elemental, and Great Gapla City – Recent issues were followed after an anonymous female filed a complaint against the Government of Elemental, specifically for the town of Carmen Town. She has stated that the Original Creators (OCs) of Carmen Town were being unfair and not letting anyone make the decisions by themselves. ElementalContinue reading “Court Decision Made on the Heated Carmen Town Debate”

The Rise of Xadia

New Xadia City – After the conflict with Elemental, the state of Xadia and the Alliance of Xadia emerges, as the creator of the state, Aditya Meruga, gets powerful in Gapla and even becomes a major candidate (running independent.) So far, he is in steady position for elections for Vice President, and Wyatt Seungri BaekContinue reading “The Rise of Xadia”

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