Snake Buys Land, Folia Tail Confederacy Grows

It has been two months since the last coverage, but we have some breaking news! The State of Snake was landless due to a parental policy, the state owner was not able to donate land. Thinking of a way to bypass this, he bought approximately 1,000 square centimeters of land in Great Gapla City as the sole land of the state for G$ 10.00 (approximately USD $0.79, EUR €0.69).

The former Delsgadian State Owner Renaldo Chang has formed a confederacy named the Folia Tail confederacy that was united with the States of Musicland and Delsgade in the beginning, but more states have joined, making it currently the #2 state in the entire Federated States of Gapla, just before Elemental, and for a few days, #1. Due to this, Elementalian State Owner Chelsea Chen and Emeralkian Administrative State Owner Emma Bunnell merged into an Elementalian-Emeralkian confederacy.

The State Owner of Snake has expressed concerns about the new confederacy and how he would like to leave. The Delsgade and Snake side have compromised for a hefty sum of two hundred and fifty Gapla Dollars, (approximately USD $19.99, EUR €16.99). The Snakaris Side used to donate Gapla Dollars to fund Delsgade, but is now stopping and raising money for a national prince title (five hundred Gapla Dollars, as compromised by him and the Crown Prince, approximately USD $39.99, EUR €32.99).

Sweet Falls resigns to Elemental

Great Gapla City, Water City, New Sweet Falls:

Not very surprising, as Sweet Falls is much less powerful than Elemental.

But what is interesting is this was a resignation by accident. After this, the leader just gave up their entire land.

HydroAspect, one of the dependencies of Sweet Falls, is now a community without government representation in Water City, Elemental.

This ought to be the shortest news article ever.

Unidentified Cat Comes into Gaplan Borders

This is GNNN with another amazing story. A black and white cat has come into Great Gapla City, Gapla’s borders, begging for food. It had a tag with the name, “Nora.” After giving the cat food, the cat had given some “presents” to the President’s Household.

After this, Gaplan Officials urged to stop feeding the cat.

This is GNNN, spectacular what has happened.

Irene Kim, Gapla’s Richest Person, Spends LOADS but is STILL #1!

Irene Kim spends loads of money on advertising her YouTube Channel, DaAwkwardGamer, and paying the President to create a professional WordPress website. She was previously known to be the first person to reach four hundred (400) Gapla Dollars in her account, but that number slipped to two hundred and seventy (270) Gapla Dollars after she spend LOADS.

Surprisingly, she is still first place, around thirty Gapla Dollars ahead of the second place, Vera Sy of Syopolis.

This is GNNN, next time, we’ll be covering a cat that came into Gaplan Borders!

Kingdom of H and J join, then complications arise!

GNNN has not been active for THREE MONTHS, so we’re covering past news. The Kingdom of H, an independent state with twenty members, joins the Federated States of Gapla. The President has urged it to become a state, but it has become a city of Musicland, due to friendship with the Leader.

Now, the Kingdom of H invites the Kingdom of J, another ten-member independent state, that also merged into Musicland.

They have caused four ambassadors to leave the Gapla Server because they are messaging in embassies and spamming. The President let this slide for a bit, but after complications with Apachiland and Eastasia arose, Gapla has kicked their own citizens from their server, something the government would never do.

This is the Gapla National News Network, reporting for the first time in three months. Stay tuned for our next article, Irene Kim, Gapla’s Richest Person, Spends LOADS but is STILL #1! .

Meeting 106 of Parliament

All members voted in abstentia.

Transgender Rights Act

Giving full rights to transgender people including marriage and changing gender.
3 Support, 1 Abstain, 1 Oppose. The motion passed.

Creation of a Rules Channel

Creation of a Rules Channel in the Gapla Server. 4 Support, 1 Abstain, 0 Oppose. The motion passed.

This was a short text meeting, the next meeting, Meeting 107, will be a longer session.

Mutual Recognition Achieved with Cycoldia

The Federated States of Gapla had recently achieved Mutual Recognition with the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. This is another big milestone in Foriegn Affairs, as it was achieved by Eovina Pual, the first Minister of Foriegn Affairs who wasn’t the President. Previously, the MoFA was always the President.

Furthermore, Gapla will open diplomatic relations after it feels that Cycoldia is interacting more in the Gaplan Community.

The Grandeur Print, a Cycoldian company, has opened a branch in Gapla named The Grandeur Print Gapla Incorporated.

This is the Gapla National News Network on the news this 13th of June 2020, Mutual Recognition Achieved with Cycoldia.

Additional Links, Website of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia

New State, Mogollon, joins the Union

A new state with land in Arizona called the Principality of Mogollon, joined the Federated States of Gapla as the 24th state. We are seeing Gapla grow immensely in land, and possibly in citizenship too.

The owner, Eovina Paul, has been certified as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federated States of Gapla.

We hope to see the new union grow.

This is GNNN.

Two Baby Bunnies Born in Gapla

Two baby bunnies, conceived from two bunnies who eat in Gapla every day were born and spotted in the National Garden.

These bunnies are now on the task of creating a new life… and not getting eaten. They have apparently built a house near the north of the National Garden.

This is GNNN, with breaking news. More media and pictures of the two coming soon.

Snake Surpasses Elemental, and drops way down!

The State of Snake, recently renamed from Xadia, is now surpassing the State of Elemental buy using all of their Gapla Dollar assets to buy more state warpower.

The State of Elemental was very angry after their strike was lost. Even when the two states were close in probability to winning, Snake struck war.

The chances were estimated at 52% for Snake and 48% at Xadia.

Elemental won the battle, resulting in nearly half of Snake’s militia to be given up to Elemental.

Elemental now strongly remains #1 in the Gaplan States.

Snake, however, drops below Ozzah to #3.