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Xadia renamed to Snake

One of Xadia’s colonies was named Snake, until the Chancellor chose to rename the state to Snake, because he was the leader of that colony. All ranking boards will be updated. The Snake Raid is going on. This is GNNN.

Snake on a Conquest Raid

Snake is currently grappling other states for power constantly. Only defended by the forces of aggressive Ozzah and mainly Elemental, Snake is getting more and more powerful as time goes on. Conquest Raids in Snake are not rare, because of the personality of the owner. We await to see what happens next, this is GNNN.

Suspected COVID-19 Patient from Kingdom City Returns Negative

This afternoon, the suspected patient for COVID-19 from Kingdom City was tested negative for the disease. We are greatly thankful as this lowers our COVID-19 suspected cases count to 2. We will soon test the other 2 people remaining that are not state affiliated. We hope we will go through this pandemic nice and easy,Continue reading “Suspected COVID-19 Patient from Kingdom City Returns Negative”

Xadia Rising Up Again

This morning, we see Xadia rising up again in the ranks and Elemental going down to fourth place because of too many risked wars against other states. This is the 13th era, of the 4th era of Xadia. We hope to see new things in this new cool era! The Candidates for the Election areContinue reading “Xadia Rising Up Again”

Elemental Becomes First State

Elemental, overlapping Xadia and Ozzah, invading states, has reached the #1 spot by April 27, 2020. We do not know what this new 12th era will hold. Elemental is a state founded by Chelsea Chen. She has been notified of this.

Population Reaches 130

With the addition of the 2020 State Owner’s census, just half way through, Gapla’s population plummets over the milestone of 130, reaching 133. Congratulations to the nation! We hope our population will grow even more after the completion of the Census.

New Interest Group and State

Today we are filled with news of the event of the new state of Sweet Falls, created by Mr. Anthony Tatsuta and is now verified. We also have Mr. Bright Li, who created the Minecraft Interest Group. We look forward to both progressing and growing gradually! These are two very exciting events!

Final COVID-19 Precautions

Travel to ALL COUNTRIES regardless of cases is now not reccomended due to the intensity of this mass-killing virus (R0 2.3). We have still seen no cases in our country. Please be safe, all citizens. We will update you as soon as possible via GNNN.

3 New State Websites Launched

The Websites of Elemental, Syopolis, and Chickenopolis were launched today. These links are in the newly added “State Websites” section of the National Website: This is good for the nation.

COVID-19 News

Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria added to the Not-Recommended list for COVID-19. Gapla still has 0 cases due to our medical task force. Stay healthy.

COVID-19 Update

Great Gapla City – The President of the Federated States of Gapla recently announced that the United States of America and the Swiss Confederation are on the list for not recommended travel for COVID-19. Parliament has also discussed that Gapla still has 0 patients for this disease thankfully. President Wyatt Seungri Baek and Vice PresidentContinue reading “COVID-19 Update”

myGapla Created

The government portal of Gapla, myGapla, has been created. It is at

Court Decision Made on the Heated Carmen Town Debate

Carmen Town, Elemental, and Great Gapla City – Recent issues were followed after an anonymous female filed a complaint against the Government of Elemental, specifically for the town of Carmen Town. She has stated that the Original Creators (OCs) of Carmen Town were being unfair and not letting anyone make the decisions by themselves. ElementalContinue reading “Court Decision Made on the Heated Carmen Town Debate”

The Rise of Xadia

New Xadia City – After the conflict with Elemental, the state of Xadia and the Alliance of Xadia emerges, as the creator of the state, Aditya Meruga, gets powerful in Gapla and even becomes a major candidate (running independent.) So far, he is in steady position for elections for Vice President, and Wyatt Seungri BaekContinue reading “The Rise of Xadia”

Colonization of Little Towns

Great Gapla – The colonization of little towns by states in Gapla is becoming incredibly common as a way to raise power. Some examples are Littletown in Emeralkia and Carmentown in Elemental. These states, hoping to attract attention with these little 5-10 sq. ft. pieces of land (“towns”) want power in the community of Gapla.Continue reading “Colonization of Little Towns”

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