Results Announced for the Gapla National Music Competition

On 24 April 2020, the Gapla National Music Competition came to an end. We are glad to see that we finally have the results. The results were announced on the date of ending (24 April 2020) on Discord, but now we will announce it to the public.

Let us start with the Division Awards.

In Division Awards for Vocal, we have BAANI SINGH!

In Division Awards for Strings, we have CHELSEA CHEN!

In Division Awards for Piano, we have EMMA BUNNELL!

Next, the Prizes for Overall:

2nd Place Overall, SABRINA CHANG for Cello!

1st Place Overall, EMMA BUNNELL for Piano!

Grand Prize, drumroll… CHELSEA CHEN for Violin!

Finally, the Non-Prize winners! They were also brave and played excellent music!

3rd Place Overall, BAANI SINGH for Vocal!

4th Place Overall, IRENE KIM for Viola!

5th Place Overall, ANIKA KURUP for Vocal


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